We got schooled, it’s that simple and proved a bridge too far

Leeds United were sent packing from Old Trafford after a humbling defeat by Manchester United. From a football view, it was fun to watch.

Leeds have been waiting 16 years and it ended up 6-2 to Man United. It could’ve easily been a lot more for both teams, with chances galore at both ends.

As Opta revealed that Leeds and Man United played out the most entertaining game of the season so far, with a cumulative Expected Goals (xG) total of 5.8 – more than any other Premier League game this campaign.

It was truly end-to-end stuff, but the first half was a horror show for Leeds. We make McTominay turned into Messi and had the game of his life, scored twice inside three minutes to drain the confidence out of the visiting backline.

When Bruno Fernandes and Lindelof scored before the break, it’s game over, although our League One Liam added a consolation from a corner. Jeez, at least we can score from corner.

Goals were traded in the second half, including that class from Cookstown Cafu finish into the top corner from 20 yards. But the damage was done in the first half as the hosts ran out 6-2 winners.

The occasional thumping is the price you pay for attacking those tittle challenger and multi billion squad with a largely Championship player. But playing this way is both more enjoyable to watch.

I’ve following Leeds for more than two decades and at our wilderness time, we’ve beaten five to six goals by Luton, QPR, Preston, Wendy’s, not to mention play-off final heartbreak to Watford, Doncaster, and humiliating cup loss Histon and Newport County.

Whatever the result, it’s better to entertain and win some lose some than bore draws. We’ll never park the bus and beaten at the death by Firmino bullet header and say best team lose. No.

We finished the match with Leif Davis, Shackleton, Struijk, Alioski and Ayling shoring up the defence, against Rashford, Bruno Fernandes, Martial and Cavani.

Isn’t this just saying that our players aren’t good enough for the league?

Have to be sensible, these players are honest, average players coached to within an inch of their lives by Bielsa. Need *years* to get anywhere close to the likes of Man United or even Leicester.

Bielsaball works as a system when they all fire together. Without Bielsaball, Leeds would probably not ship six at Old Trafford. Without him, they’d still be scratching around play-off spot in the Championship.

I still think this style will keep us up, the balance of the team will change as players come and go from injury and suspensions. We still have several players playing well above their level. We stick with the game plan and go again.

With the players we had available, if we had sat back with 11 men behind the ball do you really think there would have been a different result?

I’d rather sink 6 goals than be in the Championship. A big lesson for all our players that game and hopefully we’ll make fewer individual errors in the next game.

I’m far more bothered about our next few games: Burnley, West Brom, Brighton. We need to stay in the Prem and build a side over the next few years that can compete. Hard work beats talent, just not at Old Trafford.

Palace conceded 7 againts Liverpool with much better defenders than we had on the pitch. Remember they comfortably beat us 4-1.

Man United lost 6-1 to Spurs. Liverpool spanked 7-2 by Villa. Southampton got beat 9-0 last season and now they’re challenging for Europe because they keep pressing high. Every team that lost there came back and played well and are higher up in the table.

As Man United probed for a seventh goal late in the contest at Old Trafford, Leeds had one thing on their mind: regaining the ball and trying again at the other end. Styles can be debated all day long, but sometimes quality reigns supreme over all else.

Losing in such a manner is all the more sobering because of the opposition. Had it been a 6-2 defeat to Manchester City or Liverpool, we may feel less inclined to be as gutted by Sunday’s result as they justifiably are.

A heavy defeat to an arch-rival always rankles and leaves a sour taste in the mouth. At the moment, our historical rivals are not our rivals, and won’t be for a couple of season’s. This expectation is unfair on Bielsa and players. The game was hyped out of proportion.

We got schooled. It’s that simple. It proved a bridge too far. Now we move on, work and get better, results will come our way and hopefuly we will stay up.

Quick reminder that Leeds have as many points as the other two promoted clubs combined. Oh, and three more than Arsenal.

Win some, lose some. Enjoy the ride.

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