The meaning and philosophy behind the nosenames of Sriwijaya Air fleet

Sriwijaya Air flight SJ182 plunged into the sea shortly after take off from Jakarta on 9 January 2021, with 62 people on board.

Apart from the tragic crash, did you know all of Sriwijaya Air’s fleets have nosename, which taken from places, birds, plants, and holy books.

The doomed Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 flight SJ182 nosename is “Citra”, it means imagery, a general opinion that people have about a person or company.

In Indonesia, currently there are not many airlines use nosename. Garuda Indonesia used nosename in the ’60s to ’70s. The following are some of the nosename used by Sriwijaya Air.
Kemuliaan (B737-500, PK-CLE)
Keberkahan (B737-900, PK-CMO)
Shella (B737-200, PK-CJK)
Sharon (B737-200, PK-CJM)
Sherly (B737-200, PK-CJN)
Lomasasta (B737-200, PK-CJO)
Emi (B737-200, PK-CJD)
Membalong (B737-200, PK-CJI)
Serumpun Sebalay (B737-200, PK-CJG)
Bukit Kejora (B737-200, PK-CJL)
Elang (B737-300, PK-CJT)
Rajawali (B737-800, PK-CRE)
Each nosename used by Sriwijaya Air has a different philosophy. Megah (majestic), Kemuliaan (honor), and Keberkahan (blessings) taken from the holy bible.
Shella, Sharon, Sherly, Lomasasta, and Emi or Emiliano are taken from the family names of the Sriwijaya Air founders.
Mambalong, Serumpun Sebalay, and Bukit Kejora are the names of places in Bangka Belitung, the birthplace of Sriwijaya Air. Meanwhile, Elang and Rajawali means eagle or hawk.
Other nosenames includes Kebaikan (goodnes), Kemurahan (generosity), Kehidupan (existence), Kewajiban (duty), Berbakti (filial), dan Kesayangan (beloved).
Sriwijaya Air’s founders, Chandra Lie and Hendry Lie, are known as philosophical figures, so that each aircraft nosename that is chosen reflects the company’s philosophy.
The name of “Citra” is taken from the history of Sriwijaya Air which was originally started from a ticket sales business called Rajawali Citra Mega Perkasa Travel. The names of Rajawali, Mega, and Perkasa are also used as nosename on the other Sriwijaya Air aircraft.
Sriwijaya Air uses Boeing fleet, consisting of Boeing 737-500, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, and Boeing 737 MAX 9 on order.
The doomed aircraft, SJ182 Boeing 737-500, had returned to service only on December 20, after spending nine months in storage due to the downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
On Thursday, January 14, Indonesia’s transport ministry ordered the nation’s airlines to inspect their older, so-called classic Boeing Co. 737 aircraft following Sriwijaya Air crash.
Boeing 737-300, 400 and 500 jets all fall under the classic series. Indonesian airlines that fly those include Citilink, NAM Air, Xpress Air, and Trigana Air.
The cause of the crash of SJ182 isn’t yet known. The flight-data recorder was recovered on Tuesday, Januari 12. Rescue workers have been bringing in bags of human remains for identification, along with parts of the Boeing 737-500 plane, which was nearly 27 years old.
The fleet of Sriwijaya Air and its subsidiaries NAM Air is nearly 20 years old on average, nearly three times older than Lion Air group, according to The plane involved in the crash, a 737-500, was one of only 77 remaining in service globally.

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