Greysia-Apri: A pair of Olympic gold medals, multi billion prizes, and free travel to scuba haven Wakatobi

With Tokyo 2020 summer Olympic approaching its final stages, athletes from several countries are looking for final push for the biggest prizes: bronze, silver, and gold medals.

For Indonesian athletes, it’s all but certain they cannot add more medals after the last medal – a bronze, was won by Anthony Ginting from the badminton single man.

Anthony Ginting who won the bronze medal at Tokyo, he followed the footsteps of two young Indonesian lifters, Windy Cantika Aisah and Rahmat Erwin Abdullah. All of them went straight to medals at their first Olympics as debutants.

Meanwhile the Indonesian silver medal in Tokyo 2020 was won by Eko Yuli Irawan. An experienced lifter and he set a record as an Indonesian athlete with the most medal in Olympic history.

Hours before Anthony Ginting clinched his bronze medals, Indonesia got their gold medals from Greysia Polii and Apriyani Rahayu who won their women’s doubles match on Tuesday in straight sets, defeating the second-seeded Chinese pair of Chen Qingchen and Jia Yifan for 21-19 and 21-15.

Greysia and Apriyani grab Olympic Gold Medal after beating Chinese pair in Tokyo 2020

Better medals tally from Rio 2016

Indonesia’s medal gains at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics increased by two pieces from Rio 2016. Indonesia got a total of five medals in Japan, while in Brazil a total of three medals.

In Rio 2016, the gold medals were presented by Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir from mixed doubles badminton, while two silver medals are from weightlifting by Eko Yuli Irawan (62 kg men) and Sri Wahyuni Agustiani (48 kg women).

A birthday gift and nation boost in the mid of pandemic

Indonesia President Joko Widodo directly made a video call and took to Twitter to convey his congratulations to Greysia and Apriyani, describing their victory as “a birthday gift (ahead of) Indonesia’s anniversary”.

The pair’s victory has provided a welcome boost for a nation that hit hard by pandemic recently. Infections and deaths have rocketed over the past two months and on Monday, Indonesia recorded 22.404 cases and 1.568 deaths, the world’s highest death toll.

The Indonesian government is expected to pay each of the gold medallists five billion rupiah (USD 345,000) and hand them a number of other prizes. The pair are also likely to receive gifts from various prominent businessmen.

The Vice Mayor of Tomohon, a city in North Sulawesi, has promised to give a piece of land to Greysia – whose family has roots in the area. Malang-based transport entrepreneur Gilang Widya Pramana – also known as Crazy Rich Malang or Juragan 99, has vowed to pay each 500 million rupiah (USD 35,000).

Wakatobi, a scuba paradise in remote area of Southeast Sulawesi region of Indonesia

Tourism and creative economy minister Sandi Uno said on Monday the pair would be granted free travel to six of Indonesia’s biggest tourism destinations, including the scenic Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Buddhist temple Borobudur, and the scuba-diving haven of Wakatobi in Sulawesi, just because Apriyani is from Southeast Sulawesi.

The thrilling victory has become the talk of the badminton-obsessed nation. All of Indonesia’s eight Olympic gold medals have come from the sport, which became an Olympic event in 1992 – the only Games at which Indonesia did not win gold was London 2012.

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